Captain Courtney get social

By Courtney Jasper

When I was told there was going to be a social media team I dove in. I learned very quickly that my Word Press abilities were not going to help me to shine. Upon hearing about the social media squad I immediately reached out to our professor in hopes that there were still spots open for me to join the team. I run Drake Dance Team’s Facebook and Instagram so I thought that running a page for Drake in DC would be a piece of cake.

Running the Drake in DC Facebook page was very different that running the Dance Team’s. First off, there were 27 of us on the trip all with different friends and families so Zach and I wanted to make sure we utilized this large outreach we could have by adding as many people as possible and bugging our classmates to do the same. By the end of our first week running the account we had over 500 followers which was very exciting. After we gained all of the followers, we then had to post content that they would find interesting.

While all of the groups blog posts were fascinating in their own way Zach and I had to work hard to try to pick posts to share that would be interesting to our very diverse group that we were able to reach on Facebook. Every night, and sometimes early in the morning, we would take turn reading all of our classmates blog posts and try to chose blogs that focused on different things and that were written by various individuals to feature on our Facebook page.

Once we had picked out our blogs that we wanted to feature the next day we had to also pick a time to schedule these posts for as well as type a preface to try to intrigue people to want to visit our site Many of our posts that were shared on Facebook then also received comments from readers and got higher viewership then posts that were not shared.

When I was not running the Drake in DC social media I was often times taking photos of the people and places that surrounded me. I went to Washington D.C. with my mother’s camera that I did not know how to work and tried my best to capture some good photos of my classmates that they were able to then feature on their own blogs and personal social media. Below are some of my favorite photos of my friends on the trip because let’s face it the people make D.C.


My friend Sarah was very excited to be at the Supreme Court of the United States. I tried to capture that excitement in this image.


I took this photo of my friend Harrison outside of the United States Supreme Court.


I captured this photo of Jess taking her first bite of her donut from Astro Donuts. Jess and I were very excited to find a new donut shop.


This was a picture I took of my friend Logan on Inauguration day. Logan was very excited for the day but would not stop playing with his poncho before the event started.


I took this photo of my friend and social media buddy Zach at the United States Supreme Court. Immediately after the photo he said, “Is it profile picture worthy.” He made it his profile picture on Facebook hours later.


This in your face photo of Annie was taken when I was trying to get a picture of myself in her sunglasses. Instead I got a picture of her laughing at me and you can even see the Washington Monument in her glasses. The picture was shared on Drake University and Painted Street’s Instagram accounts.

As for myself I think I did a great job not only as a social media team member but as a member of the Drake in DC team as a whole. I was given the name Captain Courtney because I was very outspoken but, not in a way to where I drowned out other people’s voices. I think I did a good job of trying to connect with every member of the Drake in DC group. I added to the happiness and cohesiveness level of the group and I could not be more proud of myself. I even learned how to use Word Press sufficiently.


This is a picture of me trying to look like I am holding up the the Washington Monument and I killed it.

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