J-Term 2017 Portfolio

By: Alec Wilcox

Throughout these two weeks I have been able to improve in many areas, specifically dealing with blogging and social media. I also have done a lot with editing that is hard to show in a portfolio like this. However, I will try. When it comes to editing, I came up with the idea to group the blog posts by day. I also helped enforce using tags in order to promote our blog posts.

In regards to social media, I posted my blog to Facebook in an effort to promote my writing, but more importantly the drakeindc website itself. I also posted to Facebook for other reasons such as telling everyone when I picked up my inauguration tickets. While posting a link to a blog post would have attracted individuals to the drakeindc website, I felt that posting something unique would further entice the public to keep up with our blog during the final days of our trip.


Panoramic view of the Potomac River from the backyard of George Washington’s residence. Photo Credit: Alec Wilcox

I even was able to improve on my ability to take quality pictures. For example, the picture to the left is a panoramic view of the Potomac River from the backyard of George Washington’s residence. My ability to capture such a scenic view in a unique was shows my best work in regards to photo taking.

Finally and most importantly, I was able to greatly improve on my ability to blog. Blogging was something that I’d never done before, and I would say that I got fairly good at it throughout the course. For example, in my blog post “A Refreshing Dose of Patriotism” I was able to bring up something that has fallen to the waist side for most people during this election cycle, and that is pride for their country. I was able to illustrate how the monument tour brought this idea to mind, and I was able to show why it is so important not to forget how blessed we are to be Americans.

In my blog post “Weekend in DC: A Reminder of Easily Forgotten Historic Details“, I once again brought up something that is easily forgotten, the details in major historic events. For example, people talk about George Washington as an American hero, which he was. However, people rarely talk about how much of his wealth was produced due to slave labor. I also brought up other lesser known historical details when referring to the many instances where Native Americans got the short end of the stick in negotiations with white Americans. Exposing these details is important when trying to get the full outlook on history, and I tried to do that in this blog post.

In my blog post “Professional Success: So much more than just Climbing the Proverbial Ladder“, I was able to incorporate information from our sight visits into a life lesson that is important for anyone in a career, particularly young people. That is, that success is found in doing what you love, more so than climbing the ladder to the top. Of course doing what you love can lead to those things, and Bryan Klopack was an example of this.

Through editing blog posts, social media, photo taking, and blogging I have made great strides in this class, and believe I have found a lot of success in the work I have done. I put in a lot of time and effort into the class, and I must say that I enjoyed it all. I have grown a lot in many different ways due to this class. Now, I will take the things I have learned in this course, and apply them to my life.


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