Transformation of D.C.

By: Logan Kentner

The transformation of D.C. throughout two weeks was one of the most interesting things I have seen.  When a city who voted over 90% for Hillary Clinton, hosts a presidential inauguration for Donald Trump, the transformation of people was interesting to say the least. 

When we first arrived in Washington D.C., there was not much visible support for the soon to be president.  As a matter of fact, there was plenty of evidence the majority of the city did not support Trump.  There were signs of everything from protests that were planned to graffiti along walk ways with explicit language clearly disagreeing with President Trump.

As the week progressed, not much seemed to change.  There was not a large influx of pro-Trump people in the city.  Then, on Thursday, the day before the election everything switched.  The streets were packed with Trump’s signature Make America Great Again hats, the demographic had changed dramatically, and there was a sense of excitement in the air.  Throughout Thursday and Friday Trump supporters seemed to run the city.

However, just as quickly as Trump supporters had swarmed the city, on Saturday the city was taken over by women who were in town for the Women’s March.  The demographic had once again switched so dramatically.

Washington D.C. hosts so many different types of people.  My flight home seemed to be a perfect sample of this.  I flew from Ronald Reagan National Airport to Omaha.  The flight then continued on to Denver and then to Los Angeles.  The diversity ranged was amazing.  There were people with Obama shirts on, people who were clearly on their way home from the Women’s March, and of course people who were in D.C. to watch the inauguration of President Trump.

Seeing so many different people come in and out of Washington D.C. opened my eyes to just how different everyone is.  Also it showed how a city can so quickly adapt to whatever is going on at that exact moment.

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