Through Our Eyes: Logan Kentner

By Brooke Miller

While our Washington D.C. adventure is over, and we are all back in Des Moines gearing up for the spring semester, we can’t help but feel a little changed by what we witnessed. History happened before our eyes. We met individuals that shared our school pride who were doing some really awesome things. We became masters of the metro (okay maybe not quite). But we did grow, learn and discover on this trip.

Logan Kentner is a junior, political science and business management double major, who has deep political roots. He is involved with state and local politics in Iowa, and has a political vision for his future.

On this trip, Kentner offered a great insight to the right side and provided challenging discourse among the group. With such strong polarization in our electorate today, it is important to gain insight from a variety of different views and ideologies. By understanding one another you move passed simply tolerating each other and begin to actually create political discourse.

Kentner is an honest, straightforward guy. He won’t hide his opinions or beliefs, but is willing to talk to anyone who wants to listen. He won’t be offended if you disagree and will hear you out, but political roots this deep are strong and often unwavering. As a native Iowan, Kentner cares a lot for the state and understands rural Iowa in a way a city slicker never could. He knows his people, and he knows how to speak to the issues that matter to them.

For Kentner this was a trip was an opportunity to gain knowledge about the opportunities and workings of D.C. It exposed him to different career options and gave him the opportunity to make connects with Drake alumni in the city. Given Kentner’s avid political interests, we decided to do a full interview with him for our end of trip video. The following is a transcript of that interview:

Q: Why did you decide to take this class?

A: What’s better than watching history being made with the Presidential Inauguration.


Q: How did you get interested in politics?

A: My family always talked politics at the dinner table. I was a page in high school and that got me interested in state politics, and that grew into national politics.


Q: Has this trip expectations or what were some surprises?

A: Yes the trip has exceeded my expectations. It is really cool to be out here meeting Drake alumni and seeing how helpful they are in helping with future endeavors.


Q: What was your favorite site visit?

A: My favorite site visit was the Battelle lobbyist we talked with. I just thought it was interesting and it was something I may be interested in doing in the future.


Photo Credit Jack Hellie


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