Memorable Moments: The Cherry On Top

By Brooke Miller

Last night, sophomore Grace Dunn and I attended Michigan’s Inaugural Gala. 

Looking at us that night you would have never imagined that 12 hours earlier we were sitting on the ground of the Capitol lawn in ponchos huddled together. But even after an early morning, something about watching the transition of power just makes you want to celebrate America. After a quick nap and some food, Grace and I were ready to roll. 

The Michigan Inaugural Gala was held at the National Museum of American History. The gala was filled with individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and political views. Grace Dunn reflected on the experience later that evening. 

“Tonight was like the cherry on top of this amazing trip,” said Dunn. “During this trip we experienced a lot of different perspectives of D.C. and this gala was another display of the diversity this city brings.”

Throughout our trip we not only focused on political discourse, but our professors strove to help us see Washington, D.C. as a livable city. Dunn reflected on all the site visits we had made with alumni and how the city offered many diverse opportunities. The Michigan Inaugural Gala showcased the city as livable in a way we hadn’t seen yet. 

Yes, a gala may seem to play into the stereotypical glitz and glam that you think of when you envision D.C., but here we were as two college students attending one of these galas. We weren’t people in high positions of power or of emense wealth. This was the way that the everyday people of D.C., as well as many tourists, celebrated the inauguration. It wasn’t just glamorous, it was simply tradition to throw on your formal attire and celebrate all that you love about America. 

Thank you to the Michigan Inagural Committee for being such wonderful hosts. 

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