Inauguration 2017: Restoring Faith in the Government and Losing it in the People

By Zach Dvorak

I got to experience my first inauguration this past weekend, and while many people cheered or protested I decided to sit back and observe. What I witnessed was unfortunately exactly the situation I hoped not to see. Partisan divides are at a point that makes repair seem impossible, even with people continuously saying that the country has been like this before. It is never a good thing to have both parties dislike each other so much that they don’t even listen. My experience being a part of the crowd was something that didn’t bring me much hope for the future of the electorate. I don’t know who is to blame or care, but no one is doing a great job of fixing the faults.

The supporter who came from all across the country were naturally excited to see Donald Trump sworn in but at a major cost. If anyone who wasn’t Trump or his allies was on the screen, there was consistent booing. For what purpose? No idea.

I get that people are upset with the establishment. The “drain the swamp” mentality has gained steam on both sides of the aisle, which is laughable. But to boo former presidents and the congressmen and women is not a good look for democracy. We have the freedom to show our anger, which makes America prosper. I just can’t get behind the whole everyone but Trump is the wrong mentality his supporters have and showed on inauguration day.

Before the inauguration, I had little faith in Trump being able to be a president for all American. But after seeing his base in action, nothing he will do can unite us. That is unless his supporters don’t care what Trump does and only what he says. Which he could have read the phone book for his speech and those people would have gone nuts for it saying it was the greatest speech of all time.

But in all honesty, both sides have an issue with this. We need for both parties to realize that their problems with each other are not that far off and compromising is a necessary “evil.” That is where my hope in our government comes in. While Trump riles up his base, I now our elected officials are working hard to accomplish his slogan, make America great.

If anything, positive came out of this election cycle for me, it was the pressure put on Congress actually to work. Something they always do, but angry voters are the most likely to kick you out of your seat. So, adding that fire to their seats may see more compromise. But just as all our discussion went with the experts, no one knows what to expect.

The realization of polarity in America has been brought out at the inauguration. Now it is time for our government to get too busy and fix it. Results are the only thing that will help bring America forward, and the swamp knows that. Hopefully, Trump will quickly learn that and help bring faith back into the population, and with that, faith back in me.

Side Note: Don’t plan a trip on a major protest. The Woman’s March made nearly impossible to leave DC.womans_march_zach_dvorak


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