Witnessing History

By Taylor Sellers

The main event has passed. Donald Trump is now the President of the United States. on this emotionally and politically charged day, Drake in DC students stood among the crowds to watch the show.

It was one interesting show. 

The crowd, perhaps, being the most entertaining part, since the inauguration went without A-list stars as entertainment.


The crowd behind us at the Inauguration. Photo by Taylor Sellers

After joining in prayer, the crowd began booing at Chuck Schumer when preaching unity. In my area, the boos began when he mentioned gender identity. The impatient crowd even booed a quotation from Abraham Lincoln.

After chanting “we want Trump!” during other speakers, Donald himself finally came out to take his oath. The skies opened up when he began his speech, and for many in our group, it was telling of our emotions in that moment.

Donald Trump preached unity. The prayers mentioned acceptance and the dangers of judgement. But why, then, was the crowd booing people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders?

Perhaps the people in the crowd did not understand. They were preaching hate right after praying for love. The women behind us who said they liked Michele Obama because she was “articulate” probably didn’t understand the racial bias of that statement. The people who believe that Donald Trump will make America great again probably don’t understand that fulfilling all of his campaign promises is economically impossible, according to the panelists of our “How America Voted” session.


Waiting for the ceremony to begin. Photo by Taylor Sellers

We witnessed history when we watched Donald Trump be sworn in, but I believe that we also witnessed history in the crowds. The Republican Party has shifted. No longer are they the patriotic, anti communist party. They voted for a man who sympathizes with Vladimir Putin. No longer are they an opponent of federal power. They voted for a man who enacted an executive order in his first twelve hours on the job.

I believe that the republican party is now the party of the minority of voters: white, middle class, with little or no higher education. People who feel that they have been ignored, who do not understand the privileges of their statuses. Some people who consider a Muslim registry, repealing the 19th amendment, and don’t understand how the government helps them in just about everything they do.

There are so many ways this could go wrong. Trade war with China, defunding programs that give us clean water, exclusion of hard working Americans that don’t look like or think like a Trump supporter, and more.


Solving riddles with strangers in the crowd. Photo by Taylor Sellers

I have hope. Before the inauguration began, the crowd seemed like nice people. One man even joined in on our riddles and played games with us to pass the time. But when it all began, the disrespect for ceremony became evident.

There will be many tests during these four years for the American people. The true colors of their intent will be known. I hope that they show they are simply looking to better the country. I hope they pay attention and learn about their federal government and what it does. I hope they recognize the important role of the media and making an effort to read the news that won’t always make them happy. Most importantly, I hope they finally begin to oppose Donald Trump when he attacks women, people of color, and people with disabilities.

Over the next four years, I hope Donald Trump makes America better.

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