Welcome to D.C. Mr. Trump

By: Logan Kentner

What is better than country music on the National Mall?  I cannot think of many things.  However, at the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration they managed to top it with fireworks, thousands of people, and President-elect Trump. 


Group members Logan Kentner, Jack Hellie, and Alex Freeman attend the Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration. Picture Credit: Logan Kentner

After running across the mall trying to find an entrance before it closed, we got settled into a spot along a security fence with a clear view of the stage.  I was very unsure of what to expect.  Throughout the last few weeks it has become very clear where most of the residents of Washington D.C. stand politically.  I was sure we would encounter not only many Trump supporters but we would also many people who disagreed with him and wanted to express that.  Although there were several protesters along the way, the concert was exceptionally peaceful.  Similarly, there were not many Trump supporters acting out of line.

We were able to hear from country music legend Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and several other artists.  It was far from the star-packed lineup that President Obama had for his inauguration.  However, it did seem to fit Donald Trump and many of his supporters very well.  It was simple yet filled with patriotism and unified optimism.  President-elect Trump followed the concert with a few remarks about the nation’s future.  There was also a spectacular fireworks show with the craziest fireworks I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.


Fireworks over the Lincoln Memorial. Picture Credit: Logan Kentner

During the entire event there was one common theme: coming together as a nation.  After the vicious election cycle we experience, it was made clear that Trump plans to work on sewing the nation back together.  I was hoping to hear Donald Trump address the unity of our nation in his Inauguration speech.  However, he was one step ahead of that and addressed the issue tonight briefly.  I think one of his first and most important issue to address is the division in our nation.  Toby Keith and several other artists also made mention of the importance of unifying the country.

As we get ready to head into tomorrow, it is important that we are all willing to work on that unification.  It does not mean supporting all of Donald Trump’s policies; it means not wanting the ship we are all on to sink.

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