A tour of NPR

By Jack Feldman

Getting a chance to shop at the NPR gift shop was surreal. Well, I guess the tour was cool too.

Actually, getting to see all of the people busily handling the next news cycle in the NPR building was fascinating. Not to mention the absolute pristine condition of the building they are working in. The office is a marvel of modern chic style inside and out.

We walked through the main corridors of the office building, saw the green roof, the satellites that broadcast, the server room, and even the tiny concert desk which had a genuine Emmy on it.

We also learned a lot about NPR during the trip like how many of the best hosts at NPR worked up through internships and how NPR stays extremely impartial by carefully choosing what exactly they want to say. For example, they never used the word plagiarism to describe what Melania Trump did when she was poaching words and phrases from a Michelle Obama speech. This is because real plagiarism means the person had the intent to steal the intellectual property and NPR could not prove that Melania had this intent.

Going back to the pristine nature of the environment, the tiny desk, where NPR Music hosts the tiny concert show, was the exact opposite of the overall theme of the place. The desk was cluttered, dirty, and cool as hell. There were so many mementos on that desk: moldy cake, a banana, Adele’s old water bottle, the blue man group’s coffee cup, and a ton of album and records including a platinum album from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It was very eclectic and essentially a hoarder’s paradise… but in a good way!

Overall, Seeing NPR and learning all of the little facts and anecdotes about the building and the people who work there was a very important learning experience for me. I only appreciate the public funding of the arts more now that I have met people who work in the industry and now that I have seen up close how much work they do and how well they do their jobs.

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