Why journalism still matters

By Jess Lynk 

There is a quote on the wall of the Washington Post that says: “The truth, no matter how bad, is never as dangerous as a lie in the long run.” These words said by Ben Bradlee, the executive editor during the Watergate investigation, reminded me why I signed up for my first journalism class in high school.



The quote that is on the wall of the Washington Post newsroom. Photo Credit: Jess Lynk


Today, I saw that wall in person during a tour of the Washington Post newsroom. I felt the energy that comes from walking through a room full of people working to produce stories.

Throughout the previous election cycle, the media was constantly attacked by various politicians and even citizens.

It is sometimes hard to justify my major to various relatives because the media is “dying” or “liberal.” But today, walking into the new(er)  Washington Post building, you can’t help but feel that journalism is far from gone.

And that is because it isn’t. When people ask me why I am going to a “dying” field, I direct them to people like the Post, who actually made a profit last year.  I’m not saying that the field of journalism is thriving either, but I do think that it is falling in the middle.

When I saw this quote on the wall, I was reminded of the importance of why we have people running out with notebooks chasing down stories. We live in this era of fake news and over-consumption of news media, that when I saw this quote I was reminded of the importance of journalism. I was reminded why I continue to defend myself.

The alumni we met with, Matt Nelson, really captured this when he showed off the work that the Washington Post is doing right now. They are successful because they are investing in reporters and investing in the truth.

In its rarest form, journalism is about uncovering the truth. If a journalist does not seek the truth, he/she does not deserve that title. The truth is out there, and it always will be uncovered. It is just a matter of who will do so.

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