A Historical City


By Taylor Sellers

On another busy day for the Drake in DC students, a fresh insight of the history of politics was found in each of our destinations: The Capital Building, the House Agricultural Committee, and The Atlantic.

Our trip to the Capital exposed us to the history of the Federal government. Unknown to me, the Supreme Court was formerly housed in the Capital Building. We were given the chance to stand in the old locations of the court and the Senate.


The location of John Quincy Adams’ desk in Congress. Photo by Taylor Sellers

Lesser known history of a former president, John Quincy Adams, was also shared with Drake in DC students. Adams had been the only president to return to congress after his presidency. In the old chamber with the curved ceiling, Adams could hear people across the room. When opposition thought the old man was sleeping at his desk, he was actually eavesdropping on their conversations and taking notes.
Our next stop also held historical significance. A great politically historical example of government at work is the House Agricultural Committee. Drake alum Evan Jurkovich, staff for the committee, gave Drake in DC students a rundown on the inner workings of the government. Jurkovich told us that the agricultural committee is historically one of the most bipartisan committees, with many others containing parties that hardly speak or plan with each other.
Evan Jurkovich says it all has to do with leadership. Leaders in the agricultural committee have recognized that much of the debate over bills can be resolved at lower levels before something is formally proposed.


Drake in DC visits The Atlantic. Photo by Taylor Sellers

The visit to The Atlantic showed us how important this election is historically. Matt Vasilogambros, a Drake alum, told us the story of The Atlantic, back to when it started in 1857 as an abolitionist paper. Throughout history, The Atlantic has been there to cover it.
What has made recent history, however, is the Atlantic’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Of their long history, this was the third candidate endorsement (the others being Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon B. Johnson).
In just a few short days, the Drake in DC group will witness history firsthand. Donald Trump will bring a historical inauguration and presidency. No president has ever been like Donald Trump is expected to be.
As the government and media has done in the past, Trump will add to the rich political history of this city. The world, especially the Drake in DC students, is watching and waiting for this historical presidency to begin.


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