Washington’s Inauguration Preperation

By: Logan Kentner

As our experience in Washington D.C. has continued, we are closing in on the days before the official inauguration of Donald Trump.  Many expect at least one million people to converge on the nation’s Capital for the controversial event.  There are so many things that have to be done in order to accommodate the large influx of people.  Throughout the ten days, it’s been interesting to watch the hard work the city puts into creating the perfect setting for all the people.


White House obstructed by security fences.  Picture credit: Logan Kentner

When we first arrived, they already had set up thousands of portable toilets along the National Mall.  There was a bit of controversy surrounding the name of one of the providers of the toilets.  Although it sounds silly, it is crazy to see that many portable toilets and puts into perspective how many people will be visiting.


View of Lincoln Memorial slightly blocked by scaffolding.  Picture credit: Grace Dunn

As the week has gone on, certain areas have been fenced off as a form of crowd control.  They also have set up many different sets of bleachers along the parade route.  The White House is barely visible due to the security set up around it.  More importantly, food trucks and street vendors have started to surround the area around the National Mall.

There is also a lot of security concerns that have to be addressed.  Although most of the security planning is done behind the scenes, there has been an even larger security presence than normal on the National Mall and the areas surrounding it.  As security concerns continue to grow with more and more organizations plan protest, it will be interesting to see how the city assures a safe day for everyone.

Throughout the rest of the week, it will be amazing to see the city continue to prepare for the large amount of people attending and protesting the inauguration.

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