I Need a Hero

By Harrison Yu

When a Democrat is in office, Vampire movies become more popular; Democrats are seen as blood-suckers/money takers.  When a Republican is in office, Zombie movies become more popular; Republicans are seen as mindless followers, forcing others to conform.  Now, this simplification of movie industry may not hold a lot of water, but it certainly is interesting to ponder.  It also begs the question, “What horrific beast will the Trump presidency bring to the silver screen?”

The response to many of our questions this trip has been, “Nobody knows.”  Nobody knows what kind of leader Trump will be, what his relationship with Congress will be, or even what he will tweet about next.  So, the question about how the media will portray him is up in the air at the moment.  However, I have noticed a trend in television: time travel.  With many people upset at the results of the election (and the primaries) the small screen has chosen to portray this frustration by choosing protagonists who go back in time to fix egregious errors of the past.  There are people who would like a chance to re-vote and many others who would like to go back and make more of an effort to get-out-the-vote for Hillary.

So, we turn to entertainment to vent our frustrations and distract us from the present.  This is nothing new.  Today, a few of us went to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery where one of the exhibitions is, “Champions.”  Champions inspire hope even when times are tough.  Whether it’s sports (I’m currently watching the NFL playoffs), music, dance, or some other form of entertainment, we project our aspirations onto those who do extraordinary things.  It’s simply remarkable what hope can do for a people in confusing times.

Trump hopes to be this hero despite being the cause of a lot of the confusion.  He wants to be the charismatic strongman to bind the nation under his presidency.  What he lacks right now is the popular approval to do what he wants.  We shall see if that changes in the coming weeks and months.

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