Gloomy Day in D.C.

By: Logan Kentner

Although D.C. may feel like a sort of paradise to political junkies, the weather is not always sunny and 75.  Today was a gloomy, rainy day in the nation’s Capital.  In a city that has many sites outside or requires quite a bit of walking to get anywhere, I was a bit concerned.  The city had amazed us once again with a great, fun-filled day. 

The first stop for the day was the National Air and Space Museum.  The museum is filled with everything from Boeing civilian airplanes to an Apollo Lunar Module.  It is amazing to take it all the advances our country has made in the past 100 years.  All of the Smithsonian’s do a great job of showing the story of America, but the Air and Space museum truly shows captures the American dream.


Capital on a gloomy D.C. day. Picture credit: Logan Kentner

Next we ventured to the National Gallery of Art.  I was a little unsure I would enjoy the museum but once again I was in for a surprise.  The museum is packed with amazing art from all over the world.  Each room has a different feel about it, which truly brings out the art throughout the entire museum. The only painting by Leonardo da Vinci in America is housed at the National Gallery of Art.

Finally, we stopped at the Library of Congress.  It was one of the most beautiful buildings I have seen in Washington D.C.  The Library is home to many different collections of books.  A group of Drake students went and got Library of Congress reading cards.  The card allows access into the reading room and access to the large collection of study materials within the building.

Drake students didn’t let a gloomy day ruin our fun.  We made the most of it and saw some amazing things along the way.


Logan Kentner in the Air and Space Museum.  Picture credit: Logan Kentner

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