#DrakeinDC’s day off!

By Annie Hayes

It does not seem like it has already been a week since we all arrived here in D.C., but Saturday marked the halfway point in our trip here in the nation’s capital! Looking back on the past few days I still cannot believe all of the amazing opportunities and experiences we have had, from meeting with Congressman David Young (R-IA), to visiting the USDA, the State Department, The Supreme Court, etc.! That being said, it was very nice to have a day to go out and explore the city on our own and go see different attractions we were interested in visiting. Here are some pictures from a very eventful day on Saturday, starting with having brunch with the entire group, and then splitting up and starting our own little adventures around D.C.!

Brunch with #DrakeinDC @ Annie’s Paramount Steak and Seafood House

Ford’s Theatre and the house where President Lincoln died

The Library of Congress (the group left with a library card, for the Library of Congress! So cool!)

Dinner @ Vapiano in Chinatown

Late-night Monuments tour!

All fun and games until your phones die and almost can’t get back home… it was SO worth it though!

I fall in love with this city more and more everyday! Clearly, you will never be bored while living in D.C.!

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