Do as the natives do

By Jess Lynk

Washington D.C. is a hard place to pinpoint. Each neighborhood you walk into has a new vibe. If you go underground for five minutes, you can come up to a place that has an entirely different history.

After spending a week in D.C., I have learned a lot about what it is like to reside in D.C. Not because I’m living in a swanky apartment. Not because police sirens wake me up on the daily. And not because I can see the Capitol regularly.

But because I’ve learned to use the Metro, how to use a network and how to become unstranded on the side of the Jefferson Memorial.

The Metro is not that hard to master, once you figure out what a foggy bottom is and how to use broken escalators.

Conductors may close doors on you quickly, but you get off at the next stop and come back. Other doors may close on you while in the city, but most people bounce back.

If you live in D.C. you give side eye to kids who take pictures on long escalators. Photo Credit: Jess Lynk

I’ve also learned how to network with the extensive crew of D.C. alums. You learn to juggle the awkwardness of juggle a glass of water and a business card, all while remembering not to shake hands with your soggy drink residue-ridden hand.

I’ve also learned that D.C. is full of alums who would drop a lot to help you learn the tools of the trade.

The last thing that I’ve learned is not to walk to the Jefferson Memorial.

The Jefferson Memorial is beautiful at night. Photo Credit: Jess Lynk

After walking to the Lincoln Memorial, I saw the Jefferson Memorial in the distance. It looked like a decent walk, but not anything someone who walks a lot (like a D.C. native) couldn’t do. I started on my journey (with friends of course).

What I realized once I got there is that it is very far and your phone will be barely alive enough to call an Uber. It is a beautiful memorial, but now I know that any D.C. resident is not crazy enough to think they can walk to the memorial.

Even after a week of being in D.C., just because you ate brunch doesn’t mean you know enough to live in D.C., quite yet.

2 thoughts on “Do as the natives do

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