Drake earns big win at brunch

By Tim Webber

In D.C., brunch is a sport.

-Professor Caufield

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Drake University took home an important road win Saturday with a dominant performance over brunch at Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse.

The Bulldogs had been impressive in all facets of their road trip through Washington, earning victories in “Metro efficiency,” “escalator usage,” and “being tourists without appearing to be obvious tourists.”

But analysts had projected brunch to be among their biggest challenges.

Deciding between the numerous brunch locations in D.C., fighting through rough weather to get there, and ultimately making snap decisions in the ordering process combined to present a multilayer challenge for a team made up of many Midwesterners with little to no urban experience.

With a busy week ahead culminating in the inauguration, brunch had all the indicators of a classic trap game.

But the Bulldogs showed they were well-coached by Professors Van Wyke and Caufield, who put Drake in a position to win and provided financial support, and their trust in the team members to execute the game plan proved successful.

“It was a lot of work,” said Jon Lueth. “We spent the last week prepping for this. We spent the entire week completely focused on how we’re going to communicate with each other so that we could get to this big moment right here.

“Coming into the week, coming into D.C., a territory a lot of us had never been before, we knew that we had to be prepared, and we had to go out there and do what we do best: get the fundamentals down right,” Lueth said. “Once you do that, you’re gonna be able to win anything, and I think this team showed that today.”


Wilcox controversially decided not to order this Western omelet. Photo by Tim Webber

Alec Wilcox attributed the team’s success at the brunch table to decision-making.

“I could’ve ordered the omelet, but instead I chose the steak and eggs,” Wilcox explained. “Had I chose something different, I don’t think I’d be as happy right now.”

Wilcox’s decision to go with the steak and eggs was controversial at the time. He had expressed interest in the omelet, which helped to convince two others at his table to order it. But when it came time to order, Wilcox waffled and chose the steak and eggs, reasoning that it would be harder to acquire the dish in the Midwest than it would be an omelet.

“Hindsight is 20/20,” Wilcox said. “(The omelet) might have been better, but I’m happy with what I decided.”


Photo by Tim Webber

“We just had to believe in each other. We came in, we definitely spent a little time here, tried to familiarize ourselves with the local scene, the local rhetoric, and the local culture, so when we brought all that with our Midwestern heartiness — the heart from the heartland — we were able to come here to this brunch this morning, (and) we were able to put together one victory that I don’t think anyone else could’ve seen coming.”

-Jon Lueth

Drake will now turn its attention to the remainder of its D.C. schedule. For this afternoon, split-squad matches are scheduled with various Smithsonians, Mount Vernon, and Ford’s Theatre. Another brunch could loom on the horizon for Sunday morning.

“I think we’re gonna get back out there, we’re gonna keep working hard, doing what we do, continue communicating with each other, working together, and prep for the next run,” Lueth said.

But for now, Drake can celebrate an important team victory over a challenging brunch opponent.

“The coffee was good. The steak was good. The eggs were good,” Wilcox said. “It was overall just a good experience.”

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