Beneficial Benedict

By Riley Fink

This morning our group went out to eat brunch, a necessary component of every D.C. native’s lifestyle. After taking the metro, we arrived at Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse, located in the area of Dupont Circle. This location is known for its strong connection to the LGBT community.


The Eggs Benedict, one example of many possible brunches to be had in D.C.

Whenever I eat at a new place that offers breakfast foods, I always get the Eggs Benedict. I gotta say, this meal did not disappoint in the slightest. Served under Hollondaise¬†sauce with breakfast potatoes and a cup of fruit, the Eggs Benedict found at Annie’s is some of the best I’ve had. All aspects of the meal came together to create something great. While other students now have their own recommendations of what to order for brunch in D.C., I would definitely suggest the Eggs Benedict to gauge the all-around quality of the food at a location.

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