5 Things I Like and Dislike: The Washington D.C. Experience

By Zach Dvorak

1. The Constant Scheduling

It’s kind of weird to think that since I have been in Washington D.C my ability to stay up to date on politics has fallen apart. Which may sound like a bad thing until I realized that I’ve learned more about the government in the past 5 days than in all of my college experience. Just today, which was a more relaxed pace, had us busy from 8 am to 8 pm. Starting from visiting the Supreme Court to the USDA to visiting the Holocaust Museum. Nothing makes time go by like being invested in the new concepts we are learning about in the government. Which when I put it like that, sounds nerdy. But our professors tell us that there are no nerds in D.C, so I guess I fit right in.

Note: I can’t thank all who invested their time into this program, but I will say they have done a fantastic job.

2. The Lack of Political Discussion

All I want is to have a conversation about the issues. On our first day here the Washinton Center brought up the topic of the right way to have political discourse,since  then we have not been provided an opportunity to practice those concepts. I am in the center of politics with people who are clearly invested and passionate about it. Why aren’t we given the chance to share? I mean, why else would you be in Washington D.C and not Cuba or Florida for J-term if not to talk about politics.

Luckily, we are only half way done, so there is still time to dive deep into some differences and learn from each other. This comes from my interest in learning from some clearly knowledgeable Drake students, and others from across the country. Debating politics with friends and family can only take you so far before you go insane.

3. The Metro

This one was a shock for me. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I could like public transportation, but here we are. Not only is it fast and efficient, but it also allows me to work on my directional skills that haven’t improved since I was twelve.

Plus it is nice walking on street and hearing people constantly honking their horns as they wait 20 minutes to move 100 feet. Rush hour looks like Hell, and I am so glad I am not involved in it. It also makes me understand why there is so much anger in politics!

4. The Walk Timers

Going off the last point, I love how long the walk signals last in Washington. I swear every light gives you at least 40 seconds of walking time. You could probably crab walk across the street and still have time to spare.

5. Quality Blogs

I would be a poor digital marketer to not shamelessly plug our blog for everyone to see. We need those backlinks!

I picked out a few posts that I feel could interest you if time permits:

Godwin’s Law by Harrison Yu – focusing on our trip to the holocaust museum today and taking an in-depth look at what happened then and what may be happening now.

Turnover in the Capital by Taylor Sellers – An interesting take on what turnover in jobs is like in D.C and why it matters. Interesting thoughts to get into if you find yourself questioning if being a government official should be long-term career.

New Ideas in Old Places by Josh Hughes – Our visit to the Supreme Court excited many in the group, and Josh clearly shows why in his blog.

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