Not Much Different Than Obama

By Logan Kentner

During our morning session, we had several different speakers on foreign policy.  Barbara Slavin talked about the United States relationship with the Middle East, specifically Iran.  Lawrence Korb discussed national security for the United States.

One of the most interesting aspects of the session was the comparing Trump’s foreign policy to Obama’s foreign policy over the past eight years.  Both of our speakers agreed that there will not be a large difference in foreign policy between the two administration.  Obama and Trump’s administration both hold a realist view of foreign policy. There are still the same main issues at hand.


ISIS. Photo Credit: Flickr

Mr. Korb laid them out in a list with Russia and China being at the top of the issues we face as a nation.  He also said Iran, North Korea and or course ISIS were main problem for the United States moving forward.

However, he did say we need to be sure to understand the enemy.  As one of the main powers of the world Lawrence included that we need to understand that economic force is more important than military force.  Although economic restrictions can be just as useful as military action, they are often less harmful to the citizens.

All in all it is important to note that no matter what administration comes and goes, they all have the same general idea of protecting the United States and our interest.

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