Life’s a Game

By: Maddie Miller

Who hasn’t heard the phrase that when it comes to your career “its all about playing the game”? This phrase is a common sentiment in Washington, D.C. where the work culture seems to consume most of the residents in the area. Numerous professionals from the site visits that our class has taken have credited their career to long hours and hard work. While those methods were emphasized, luck and networking were mentioned more than any other way to become successful in your career, particularly in D.C.


Bryan Klopack met with Drake students on Thursday to discuss his career path in D.C. Photo Credit: Jill VanWyke

While many aspects of life seem to be regulated by rules, some things are mere chance, just as in a game. Bryan Klopack, Drake alum and Vice President of Corporate Alliances at Special Olympics International, continued that trend with us this evening. While he currently finds his purpose in the non-profit world, Klopack resume includes work on Capitol Hill.

For many young professionals entering the work force soon, choices have to be made. Some of those choices include making the right move at the right time, just like in a game.

Similar to careers, the connections of politics have become clearly  important to me as an outsider to Washington, D.C. If connections are like money in a game of Hasbro’s The Game of LIFE, then you can end up in the Millionaire Estates of networking. As witnesses to the game, citizens can begin to realize how much the players of the game interact to accomplish their goals, forming alliances and making deals to reach their end goal, just as is done in a game of Settlers of Catan.

Sometimes career choices mean picking a side whether that be politically or on some other matter. Sometimes career moves happen almost on accident. By surrounding yourself with a variety of people, you get to recruit your own team.

D.C. makes you really think about where you are, who you know, and where you want to be. Life’s a game, so whose team are you on?

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