Your Members of Congress probably pump iron  

By: Alex Freeman

We hear a lot about how stressful, rancorous, and tense politicking in D.C. can be.

For politicians and their staff, this is tiring. Emotionally. It drains people of their sanity, if things get especially bad on the Hill.

That’s why most of them hit the weights. Or the treadmill. Or the yoga mat. From senior officials at the Department of State to the wonks at the Congressional Budget Office, Washington politicos are working out their frustrations.

After all, Congress is a dreadfully human American institution of government. Emotions run high in Federal offices, too, and the gym is a perfect outlet to let them go.

Just ask Paul Ryan, who is definitely getting his P90X in everyday…no matter what’s going down on the Hill.

The Washington Center (where Drake students are living this January) has an excellent gym facility. Sorry, Speaker Ryan, but it’s for TWC Students only.

Photo: Alex Freeman

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