A Refreshing Dose of Patriotism

By: Alec Wilcox
Featured image credit: Jack Hellie

Touring most of the major monuments in Washington D.C. was such an enjoyable experience for me, and those in the DrakeinDC group. This year has been filled with events that have made many American citizens feel a diminished sense of patriotism.

At this point in time I needed a refreshment of patriotism. I found that by visiting the major monuments of Washington D.C. whether it be the size of the Lincoln Memorial, the symbolism of the Vietnam War memorial, or the quote written on the stone of the World


Jonathan Lueth, a DrakeinDC student focusing on the Vietnam War Memorial Photo Credit: Jack Hellie

War II memorial, these monuments made me feel proud to be an American. Seeing monuments which were constructed in memory of individuals and battles who were and which were, fighting and fought for the progression of freedom was inspiring.

This tour refreshed to me the idea that America is incredibly powerful. The monument that did this most for me was the World War II Memorial. Specifically what stuck out to me was the latter part of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s speech in response to Pearl Harbor. FDR proclaimed that America would stop at nothing to ensure that America would prevail. This reminder of the relentless effort put toward the preservation of freedom, and progression in America is what refreshes my sense of patriotism.

As Americans we are looked at under a magnifying glass, and our actions are heavily scrutinized by the rest of the world. Today, the world is scrutinizing the country’s choice for the next President of the United States. Despite this and whether or not we personally agree with the country’s choice for the 45th President of the United States,  we should maintain some level of patriotism. America still is the most powerful and influential country in the world, and that is something we as Americans should be proud of.

4 thoughts on “A Refreshing Dose of Patriotism

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