Miss Miller Goes to Washington

By Brooke Miller

In less than 24 hours I depart for on my first trip to Washington D.C. While excitement doesn’t begin to describe my feelings about the trip ahead of me, I can’t wait to see what these next two weeks have in store for me. I am probably looking forward to the inauguration the most, but also can’t wait to be submerged in all the rich history of our country.

After such a rollercoaster election the past two years, I really hope that there is a consistent message of coming together present moving forward. I hope that President-elect Trump makes this a theme in his inaugural speech and has it as a foundation for the decisions he makes on the many issues we face today. This election exposed and exploited the differences we have with one another. It is time to put that to rest now though. I believe we need to come together, to a certain extent, in order to move forward as a country. I hope President Trump believes this as well.

I also hope to hear more about his plans for our economy at home. His presidency has already caused a notable spike in the stock market, major car companies to relocate plans for new factory plants back to the United States and continuously mentioned a border tax for companies that don’t produce in the United States. I don’t have an in-depth background on the economy, but I would like to know how he plans on bringing back the economy and jobs, as he promised during his campaign. How will having more blue collar jobs and less immigrants change our economy and the American middle class? How does he plan on “draining the swamp? This is Trump’s bread and butter, so I am hoping to hear and learn a lot about his plans while in D.C.

I also want to learn more about what the future holds for gender equality issues. Where will the Trump administration stand on paid maternity/paternity leave, abortion, birth control, rape culture and equal pay. Trump didn’t seem to have a firm stance on these issues at the beginning of his campaign. Even when he did later on, his daughter, Ivanka, has the potential to be a real game changer in this area. Will the Trump administration make this an important issue? How will a change in the Supreme Court effect these issues over the next four years? What are some other avenues that we can see change pertaining to these issues?

I am really looking forward to seeing and learning a lot while in Washington D.C. I hope to refine my networking skills while I am there as well. There are so many people to connect and learn from in D.C. and I really want to seize this opportunity. So ready or not, here we go!



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