Logan’s Expectations

By Logan Kentner

During my time in Washington, I hope to learn and experience many different things.  I tend to learn much better outside of the classroom so I think this opportunity will be beneficial.

One of the main things I am hoping to learn from my classmates is how they are hoping to move forward.  I hope to listen to their ideas as to how they think Hillary Clinton lost and what they personally plan to do moving forward.  I thoroughly enjoy discussing politics and I cannot think of better group to debate and think with.

During the election season, I always knew who I would vote for.  My vote was cast against a certain candidate more than for another.  Similar to nearly everyone, I did not expect the outcome of this election.  During Donald Trump’s speech, I hope to hear many different things.  I want to hear how he plans to bring the nation back together after the nasty election cycle, how he plans to work with Congress to get things passed after many Congressmen were not exactly supportive of his campaign, and some solid policy plans.

Currently I do not have intentions of working in politics after I graduate.  However, I am going into this week with an open mind.  I am excited to spend more time in the city, meet more people and connect with more professionals.  Hopefully this week in Washington will allow me a much more clear vision of what I want to do for the rest of my life.  If it does lead me to pursue a career in politics, I hope to gain connections that will help me get a job.  I also hope to connect with Drake alumni who now work in D.C. It is always interesting to see the potential that a Drake degree has.

All in all, I am beyond excited for my time in Washington D.C.  Not only to see and experience many different things but more importantly learn and take in as much information as possible.

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