High Expectations

By Courtney Jasper

As I have started to pack and really think about the fact that I am leaving to go to Washington D.C. on Saturday I realized that I have many high expectations for my D.C. trip. After having had the opportunity to witness the Iowa Caucuses, democracy at its finest, I have gained a greater respect and understanding for our political process. The opportunity to be at the Inauguration of the next President of the United States will be the perfect way to cap off an amazing last two years of strenuous political speculating.

After having seen the results of the election play-out I would like President-elect Donald Trump to focus on one thing in his Inauguration day speech, I want him to focus on unity. The 2016 Presidential Election was extremely divisive and the country has yet to really come together and fully come to peace with the results. Donald Trump has not done a lot to try to get people to come together thus far. When he won the election he was rather mild-mannered in tone but soon after he was back to his classic ways of tweeting about television ratings and calling his opponents clowns. I would like to see Trump talking not about policy but instead about bringing people together and promising to work with both sides. If his short could be short, to the point, and positive then the Inauguration could serve as a good and natural turning point for President-elect Trump to start to act presidential.

I not only have expectations for Mr. Trump but also for myself. When I am in Washington D.C. I want to take ahold of as many opportunities as I can. At times I can get shy when I am talking to new and powerful people and I don’t want to allow that tendency to effect my trip. I want to talk to many people who work in different parts of politics and the media to know what caused them to be interested in their profession. As of right now, I think I want to one day be a corporate lobbyist because I think that it would be fun to get to represent people who do not have the knowledge or resources to represent themselves at the legislature. This trip to Washington D.C. might completely change my outlook on what I believe I want to do when I’m done with school and it might not. I am excited to have my eyes opened to the different opportunities that are out there.

I intend to go into my experience in Washington D.C. with an open mind. I am excited to observe the individuals in Washington D.C. I am excited to get to see all of the energy that will be in the air closer to Inauguration day and I cannot wait to learn from professionals at the top of their field.

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