Expecting Expectations

By Riley Fink

The prospect of merely being in the nation’s capital at such a historic time is exciting. Coupled with all the activities we get to partake in, I hope to gain a lot of firsthand insight from this trip that could not otherwise be gotten in a typical classroom.
Much of what I hope to gain from this trip may come on our final day, when we attend President-elect Trump’s inauguration. I, like many others, are curious as to what his vision will be for our country, and whether or not he will stick to the promises he made throughout his campaign. We have already seen Trump begin to shift away from much of what he said prior to the election, such as his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton. Also, recent rumors have stated that the President-elect plans to ask Congress to pay for his proposed wall on the southern border, rather than Mexico. This would be seriously straying from statements he made throughout his campaign, and I am wondering if he will bring it up at all. Additionally, with the recent steps taken by the GOP to work towards defunding Planned Parenthood and repealing Obamacare, seeing where Trump stands on these sorts of issues may provide hints as to the type of President he will be. Moreover, seeing how social issues like racism, LGBT rights, and women’s rights are addressed by the governing body in this uncertain time are of great importance. I hope being able to learn about goals the government and Trump have for these issues will answer questions and concerns myself and others have about the future of the country.


The National Archives

Professionally, seeing how Washington, D.C. operates on a daily basis is also a topic of interest to me. The fact that Washington is more of a “practical” city makes me wonder about how its residents operate, and what they value. I also hope to get to see some operations of the government up close, to better understand the intricacies of Additionally, I think it will be fascinating to see how such a high-profile and large event like the inauguration will be managed and secured. Surely it is a monumental task, and being able to see how it comes together up close is something I think is very compelling. Being able to see places like the National Archives also excites me. Furthermore, gaining networking and professional skills is also a huge benefit of this trip, and the events we attend will greatly help prepare for life after school. Overall, I think this trip will greatly enrich all us involved in a multitude of ways.

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