Expectations in D.C.

By Zachary Blevins

It has been just over four years since I toured Drake University and learned about the J-term trip; since then, I’ve eagerly waited for this opportunity to attend. While this isn’t my first time the nation’s capitol, this will be the most intriguing: no other trip included an event as historic as President-elect Trump’s inauguration will be.

In my time there, I hope to grow professionally by developing my skills with blogging and social media platform. Having just taken Digital Media Strategies last semester, I’m eager to put those skills into use and increase the audience to the DrakeinDC blog. Blogging has been a recurring act this election cycle, for I had the pleasure to blog for the Iowa Caucus Project during the fall of 2015. While I got my initial experience with blogging there, I’m hoping to refine my voice in my posts and create higher quality content for the readers. And, in conquering my frustrations with WordPress, I hope to find new and creative ways to utilize what this site has to offer.

While I’m not excited for how cold it will be on Inauguration Day, I am curious to see if Trump includes anything about the Supreme Court in his initial address. With the late Antonin Scalia’s seat having been vacant for almost 10 months now, whoever Trump nominates will have to go through a confirmation process, one that could easily be drawn out. Therefore, whether Trump will include this topic into his address will show how large of a priority this is to his administration. The 4-4 split that currently exists isn’t advantageous to Trump’s administration, especially now that Trump will be governing for the next four years. Nonetheless, in whatever Trump may say on this topic, I’m expecting it to be brief and vague, yet with a dash of “Make America Great Again” added at the end to be on brand.

Here’s to the marble-laden city, to the Foggy Bottom Snapchat geofilter, and to the next 15 days.

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