Back again with new goals

By Jess Lynk

This will be my second time visiting Washington D.C. The last time, ironically, was three months ago when I traveled to D.C. for a journalism conference.

So much has changed in those three months. We finished one of the most divisive elections in our nation’s history. We elected our 45th president. We saw many citizens of the U.S. challenge that election.

Even though I was walking the streets of D.C. just a few short months ago, I have a feeling so much will have evolved, even if the city looks the same.

After that election, the public is aching to find unity and comfort in their government. A lot of people lost faith after that long winded election cycle. I would love to explore how politicians in D.C. want to restore the faith of the American people. One of my main goals is to figure out where D.C. is going from here, but also where we, as an American people, can go from here.

I would also enjoy being able to immerse myself in the culture of D.C. to explore this working city. People in D.C. like to hustle and I want to see what drives that hustle. I want to learn how to dive into a city and learn about its people. I want to know how to navigate myself without Google Maps. I want to be able to learn to be a part of the city, not a visitor.

Last time, my trip was orientated around my career and bettering the future of journalism, which I would like to further on this trip. With a shaky foundation in journalism, I would love to see how the media is evolving in D.C. after such a crazy election. Journalism is my passion, and another goal I have for this trip is to figure out how to better the field. A lot of people are distrusting of the “media” and I want to explore how I, and fellow journalists, can do better.

D.C. is a beautiful city. It holds a very special place in my heart. I want to further the knowledge of D.C. that I already have, but more importantly, I want to further advance myself.

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