My Expectations for J-term

By Taylor Sellers
During our two weeks in the Nation’s capital, there are many different things that I am hoping for, both from myself and from soon-to-be President Donald Trump.

I want to hear leaders, including Donald Trump, speak about the Affordable Care Act. As the repeal process has technically begun, Iwant to know what Republicans plan to do after it is gone. I also want to hear about what will happen to those who will once again be able to be denied health coverage due to pre-existing conditions, or to the college students who will no longer have a government regulation that gives them the right to stay on their parents’ plan until 26 years of age.
I also want to hear some real conversation about Russian relations and accountability. I hope to hear Donald Trump address Russia and Vladimir Putin as a volatile foreign power with nuclear capability. I hope to hear Republican leaders rally around intelligence agencies and their conclusions that Russia did hack the DNC, and possibly other American servers. Most importantly, if there was Russian interference in this election, I want Republican leaders to look past their party victory, recognize what has been done, and take actions that strengthen democracy.
Personally, I have many items on my agenda as well. As a place where I may decide to work in the future, I hope to learn more about the culture of Washington D.C. while I am there. All I really know is that everything is expensive and people are typically more educated. I want to become more acquainted with the city, and catch a glimpse of what life would be like there for a non-tourist.
As a professional, I want to learn how to network quickly. Since it is my goal to work for the Federal Government in the future as well, this trip could be very beneficial. I have not really been given the chance to network with powerful people, or with Drake alumni. It will be a learning experience for me, and potentially one that could help me greatly in my professional future.
As a student, I want to take advantage of the access we will be given to politicians, both to learn from them and to analyze them. As an SPC major, I have been learning about the nuances that make political figures appear the way they do, and how it is all the product of strategic communication. This trip is a great opportunity to flex my analytical muscles and assess what I have been learning about in real life.

With anxiety, I look forward to this trip. Although I am frightened of a president that appears to be a Russian beneficiary, the process will undoubtedly move on without me, even if less than a majority of voters wished for this outcome. Better to witness history than pretend it isn’t happening just because it was not my ideal situation.

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