Expectations Essay

By Jack Feldman

First, I must give my expectations for the inauguration of Donald Trump, which is the focal point of this January Term.

I expect the inauguration to be very hectic. There are so many protests planned for this event that my head is spinning. Perhaps I will join one but, the crowd is sure to be full of supporters and protesters, both with rowdy reputations. The mood of the event during Trump’s speech I expect to be icy. The crowd will be on pins and needles and be waiting with bated breath to see what Trump will promise and condemn, since his lack of consistency generates a lot of concern and no one truly knows what to expect from his administration. I want to hear from Trump that he is not going to roll back important pieces of legislation that millions of people depend on every day, although that is a long shot. I also want to hear from him that he does not plan on taking further action on improving our nuclear arsenal. His recent talk about nukes and Russia has me a little nervous, to say the least.Who will be cast out during the next four years? Who will thrive? Time will tell I suppose.

My expectations for D.C. are high, I am very excited to see all of the history and the town at work. Hopefully, we get to see some important political figures during our trip and seeing Bernie Sanders at any point during this trip may be a pipe-dream, but I would probably die of happiness if it happened.

I want to learn a lot about the real political process that is so criticized by the populace, I want to learn about the daily life of a congressman or even an intern for a congressman. Getting perspective on this is important to me. I have a deep interest in the Senate as well so seeing them in action would be a very important learning experience for me. Also, I expect to learn a lot about the culture of the city and what the people are like. D.C. must be fascinating for social experiments and just general observation.

Overall, this class has me excited for a lot but I also am ready to learn about the backbone of the government and how it works every day.

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