Washington Is Working

By Kevin Maisto

As said by the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, “Washington D.C. is always working.” After two weeks in the city, it is clear that this is true. Between the dozens of federal buildings we visited in just D.C. or the many federal outposts across the country, we realized that Washington isn’t quite as broken as we had first believed.

One of the most beneficial aspects of this trip was to truly humanize the government. It isn’t just a mindless bureaucracy. It isn’t simply Republicans and Democrats in constant battle. It is a birth place of justice and progress (albeit sometimes in a bureaucratic way).

Through meeting with Erin, an integral implementer of the Affordable Care Act, or with Leah, who is Senator Chuck Grassley’s head scheduler, we were able to see the individuals who work daily to keep the nation moving forward. Oftentimes the elected officials take the full responsibility or credit for different successes and failures, but there is an intricate system of millions of individuals who are working endlessly for the nation. Their passion is boundless.

It is safe to say that many of us fell in love with Washington D.C. Personally, I can’t imagine not returning to live some part of my life in the city. The rich history coupled with opportunities for success make it the perfect settling place for any ambitious young professional.

Thank you, DrakeinDC for an amazing experience. We had the most incredible professors, inspiring alumni to visit, and cohesive group to travel with.

Until next time, D.C.!

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