Listen To Your Mother!

By Manny Jacobson

How many times when you were a child, or even an adult, did someone say “Listen to you mother”? I know I heard it enough to lose count. Now here is a revised version of this question. How many times does it take for a presidential candidate to listen to his mother? For Jeb Bush, the answer is still unknown.

Throughout the second week of our Two-week seminar in D.C. we heard a lot about expectations for the upcoming presidential race in 2016. Among the biggest names mentioned, Jeb Bush, governor of Florida, son of former president, George H. W. Bush. Jeb is also the younger brother of former president, George W. Bush.

Jeb Bush, Photo courtesy of   Eric Gay/ AP

Jeb Bush, Photo courtesy of Eric Gay/ AP

In April of 2013, Barbara Bush, Jeb’s mother, made a statement that saying that even though Jeb would have been of the better candidates in 2016, she did not want him to run. She feels that the country has had enough Bush.

I personally do not disagree with her. This is not because I don’t like the Bush family, but more because I want some fresh blood.

It seems as though every recent election we have heard the same big names (Bush, Clinton, Romney, etc.). I strongly feel that you have one true chance at winning the presidency and that is on your first try. Either you give up after the first try, or you risk looking desperate in the eyes of the citizens.

Some of you history buffs are probably wondering about people like Nixon. Well, Nixon is an exception. He lost his first time around. He took his time off, did his research, came back and took advantage of a situation at the time to throw himself into the front of the pack and eventually on to the presidency.

President Nixon. Photo courtesy of

President Nixon. Photo courtesy of

Back to my point, I do not like to idea of dynasties. Just because your father or brother ran does not does mean you should run. You can judge this for yourself, but I feel that the second family member to run has and will generally do worst than that of the first person in the family to run.

Again there is an exception to this. FDR is probably one of the most popular presidents of all time. In fact he is considered my many to be one of the few great presidents in American history. He, I feel, did more and was more popular than his cousin / uncle-in-law, Teddy Roosevelt.

Is it so wrong to want see new people be contenders? One big complaint about the current political system is that too many, old, rich, white guys run it. If you don’t even consider the big name dynasties possibly running, you have a fairly large group of individuals that do not exactly meet the characteristics listed above. You never know, one of those candidates could be the next great president.

That being said, the odds of this happening in today’s society are unlikely. These candidates, as great as they could be, may never have the chance because they are stuck in the shadows of the big names candidates that every one is focusing their attention on. I’m just hoping that one day in the future more people realize this and begin to refocus their attention.

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