Great minds think alike, past and present 

By Jade Sells


Outside the Supreme Court building Photo by Jade Sells

A theme of the past few weeks has been speculating on if congress is broken. We have heard from an area of different professionals including current and former secretary’s of state, presidential candidates, White House officials, communications directors, journalists, lobbyist, federal government appointees, policy advocates, and other experts on policy, government, and politics. At times I found myself enthralled with their intelligence and experience. These are the people who can and have change America.

Over the years, this city has become filled with history, grief, triumph, and honor. Those who have impacted and left their legacy on America are honored here. It reflects the struggles of America as a nation in both domestic and foreign affairs. It has been through the American government and the American people that we have pulled through so many difficult times.

Being in D.C. has reminded me of the great minds and people to come before us and of the wealth of intelligent people we have here. The city has restored my hope that we can, and will, make it work.

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