Congress is Like Summer Camp

By: Kevin Maisto

Despite being the most legislative bunch in the world, there are some surprising similarities between our Congress and attending a summer camp.

1. Congress heads out of town to attend their retreat, just like camp.


Many young people spend some time during their summers going to a camp with other people their age (probably to give overworked parents a break) – Just like Congress! After a grueling campaign season, who doesn’t need a little bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of D.C.? Both parties can reshape their agendas and rejuvenate to (hopefully) create some legislation!

2. Separate into two groups

At camp: boys and girls! Don’t be that one person who breaks from your gender and hangs with the rest – integration is so middle school. In Congress, Democrats and Republicans. It is essentially political suicide to break away from the party agenda.

3. Both play games


Summer camp consists of swimming, ice breakers, and hiking through the woods (or so I’ve been told). In Congress, filibustering is a great way to pass some time – who doesn’t love reading from a phone book? (Which, according to this, isn’t necessarily a thing). Maybe if Congress did an icebreaker before each session, bipartisanship could happen.

4. Most of the power rests in a chosen few

It’s no secret that the Congressional leadership (Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and John Boehner, among others) can pull some strings to make sure they get their way. Especially for the new members, it is crucial to fall in line with your leaders. At camp, we all know that the counselors control it all – meal times, activities, and curfews. Interestingly enough, needy Congressman are probably more difficult for the Leadership than the kids at camp.

Clearly, Congress has some growing up to do before we can see any realistic improvements. It is my hope that this rather-red group can pull themselves together and actually improve our nation. If not, I’m looking forward to the ocean-blue wave in 2016!

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