Don’t Forget To Kiss the Cook

By Manny Jacobson

If you wanted to run for any kind of position, whether it being student body president, or President of the United States, there are many things that you will need to acquire throughout the campaign process. To make sure you get started, there is one thing that you need, and that is support. If you fall under the category of state or federal elected official, the odds are you want to talk to The Cook Political Report.

Charlie Cook is a political analyst who founded the independent, non-partisan organization, The Cook Political Report. The Cook Political Report is specifically marketed to those who have a stake in who will occupy seats in Congress, state Governor’s mansions, and the White House.  They want to have an in-depth knowledge about what each race is about so they can talk about what the implications are if one person wins over another — not just implications in terms of that state or that district, but more of how well people will work together

Political analyst for the National Journal and founder of the Cook Political Report, Charlie Cook. Photo courtesy of Charlie Cook's Bio page on the National Journal Website.

Political analyst for the National Journal and founder of the Cook Political Report, Charlie Cook. Photo courtesy of Charlie Cook’s Bio page on the National Journal Website.

In order to do this, staff from the Cook Political Report sit down individually with each candidate to get a feel for who they are, their main focuses for their potential elected term, and their viewpoints on major political topics. All of this data is pooled together and used on election nights to predict what is going to be covered over their elected term. For example, The Cook Political Report has information on most, if not all of the newly elected and reelected congress members. As the results come in, they are able tell if immigration reform is going to be discussed  based on the extensive research and conversation they had on certain candidates.

The Cook Political Report provides statistics that fellow politicians may use to support ,or hurt that candidate’s chance of election. these statistics can also be used by members of congress to try to seek out other members to sway them to one side or the other on certain bills.  CSPAN’s video archives alone holds over 200 videos that are tied back to information gathered by The Cook Political Report.

Talking with this organization can help humanize those candidates who may have otherwise seemed larger than life and hard to connect with.

It is reasonable to say that if you want to make you name known and be a serious candidate, you must seek out and have a sit down with a member of the Cook Political Report. The odds may play to your favor in the long run.

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