Up and coming DC Brunch Bunch

By Kati Seeman

Our waiter was the best addition to our brunch Photo by Jill Van Wyke

Brunch is the best meal of the day, and no city does brunch quite like D.C. Thankfully I am part of a group dedicated to all things food, and brunch is almost a religious experience for some of us. Having eaten the best quiche of my life at Old Ebbitt Grill yesterday, I was more than wanting to participate in another brunch. We met in the lobby to take the metro to Dupont Circle in order to check out the brunch scene at Annie’s Paramount Steak House. This recently renovated hot spot for the rainbow community in Dupont Circle was not the same Annie’s that RPC remembered, but it did not fail to impress.

Throughout our stay in D.C., our leaders have often commented on the way in parts of the city have grown and evolved. The very neighborhood we are staying at for The Washington Center has made leaps and bounds even in the last two years. These changes come at a cost however, and not just the cost of living.

At a metro stop after brunch there was a man taking donations and selling hats in order to help the homeless and displaced population of the DC area. We have seen plenty of people sleeping on the street and on benches during our time here. This reminded me of the issue of gentrification in the city. If the improvements to an area leave the very residents unable to afford to live there anymore, is it really an improvement?Tourist attractions make up a large portion of the city, but often times we forget that people actually live here. My short stay out here contributes to the tourist economy, but I have to wonder who is benefiting from the purchases. I won’t argue against a fantastic omelet paired with fruit and breakfast potatoes, but I know it is definitely something I am keeping in mind during my search for brunch in DC.


Enjoying some brunch at Annie’s in Dupont Circle Photo by RPC


Taylor (left) and Manny (right) look on as Austin starts in on his second plate Photo by Kati Seeman

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