So Where do we go From Here?

By Emily Grimm

While inauguration festivities allow the nation to come together in celebration for one day, the harsh realities have returned.  Washington D.C. is about to experience a whirlwind of policy change on social and economic issues.  Since President Obama has been sworn into his final four years, or what many Americans call the “Lame Duck” years, major changes are about to occur.  The President has gained the peoples trust a second time and now he is ready to really leave his mark on history.

Below are the 5 potential changes this country needs to be prepared to take on due to Obama’s second term.  Many of these promises were made in his second inaugural address.

1. The impact of the new health care system.  The nation has just undergone a major health care change and these upcoming trail years are going to show whether the nation still wants it, or can even afford it.  For more information on the breakdown of the Affordable Care Act, click here.

2. The push for alternative energy research. With a democratic majority in office, alternative energy is going to be a major priority. Wind and solar energy are trying to gain more support than coal and oil. However with the push for the somewhat controversial Keystone Pipeline, we may see otherwise.

3. Gay rights.  While states are slowly starting to pass individual legislation, the nation could see a greater change in the next four years.  This is not an issue between parties, it is more so a personal issue among citizens.  Congress is starting to showcase more gay activism, and even those who participate in the lifestyle.  Gay rights is a social issue that can no longer be ignored.

4. Immigration policy. In President Obama’s second inaugural address he stated, “Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity.”  As we saw in Obama’s first term, big states such as Arizona and New Mexico have had a hard time in immigration policy negotiations. This issue could have the most impact on the country within the next four years, however the polar opposite views between republicans and democrats could hinder the final decisions.

5. The economy and the national debt. The nations debt and the economic realities are running though the minds in every American household.  With the ever increasing debt, major economic change has to occur. While budget cuts and decreased spending are obvious proponents of our harsh economic times, the polarization of congress is not helping.  The fiscal cliff negotiations and late end of the year deal did not show americans the bipartisan reform this country needs. Only time will tell on this issue.


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