A Time to Reflect

By Guy Eckman

As I’ve had time to catch back up on sleep, give my welcome back hugs to friends and teammates of the Drake community, I thought it would be important to recognize how much this trip meant to me, in addition to how much I miss the city of D.C. and the people that helped make this trip so special.

As we prepare for another four years under the guidance of President Barrack Obama, I thought many of the alumni, speakers, and discussions with fellow classmates proved to be invaluable as this will be an experience that I will undoubtedly be forever grateful for. The inauguration was a great way to go out with a bang, as this proved to be an extraordinary event, rich in American tradition.

From seeing flowers in January to deep poverty, D.C. has taught me many things and opened my eyes to a better understanding to how much different life and culture can be within our country. Motivating, humbling, and inspiring would be three simple words to describe my feeling from the start to the end of this trip. I look forward to keeping in touch with the many folks I encountered on this trip and owe many thanks to everyone who made this an unforgettable experience. As the declaration states, exercise your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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