The President’s Inaugural Ball

Alicia Keyes performin Obama's On Fire at the 2013 Inaugural BallImage by AP

Alicia Keyes performin Obama’s On Fire at the 2013 Inaugural Ball
Image by AP

By Neal Walters

On Monday night (January 21, 2013) President Barack Obama took his oath of office and officially started his next four years in office. Long lines and hours of standing left most exhausted and tired of a day full of activities. The president’s schedule included church, a brunch, his oath of office in front of a crowd of just under one million, and even a parade through the town. But 7:30 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, The President’s Inaugural Ball was the bang to the end of the celebrations.

35,000 Invited guests flocked in waves to the ball holding their coveted Ball tickets and dressed to impress in tuxedos, and classy ball gowns. The inaugural Ball had the feel of a star studded event just as any after party usually feels. Airport style security at the entrances and ticket scanners like a big game made for the feeling of an event as prestigious as the Presidency itself. The Ball Convention Center was divided between Military Ball attendees and the bigger civilian ball where the entire bottom floor of the convention center allowed for the masses to drink, schmooze, and listen to celebrity acts of all kind. Jamie Foxx, FUN., Alicia KeyesJohn Legend, Brad Paisley, and Soundgarden were some of the bigger acts to take the stage. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama made an appearance to dance to a song performed by Jennifer Hudson and later the Bidens did the same.

So why have the inaugural ball? To commemorate the President and throw a party in his honor? Or is it an event to

Joe Biden after his dance at the 2013 Inaugural BallImage taken by AP

Joe Biden after his dance at the 2013 Inaugural Ball
Image taken by AP

give thanks to Obama’s staff at the country’s ground level. An event for all the donors, supporters and campaigners. A bragging right and sense of accomplishment for the victory of Obama. The ball was filled with young people who had given their all to make sure President Obama served a second term in office and in repayment; the president gave them a party that won’t be forgotten.

So will the campaigners continue to campaign and the donors still contribute? They will because of a sense of pride for their party and competitiveness that is human nature. Politics is a sport and it’s always the goal to work hard a be on the winning team.

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