7 Men’s Fashion Trends to Take From D.C.

By Kelly Tafoya and Lauren Bunce

Now for the men we are here to warn you: jeans and a t-shirt won’t cut it here. Time to break out the suit and tie and incorporate these popular trends amongst the D.C. males. We’ve even done some of the work for you and provided some examples along with a variety of price ranges to ‘suit’ every budget. See what we did there? Suit? šŸ™‚

1. Wear a button down underneath a sweater – a simple trend but very timeless. Keep it simple with dark colors such as a light blue button down and navy sweater or go a little bolder with a mint green and dark grey sweater. Either way, this style will sure to be comfy, warm and a great switch-up from your every day shirt and tie.

2. A dressier outerwear jacket or trench coat. Ā Something professional that’s not a NorthFace or something you’d wear skiing. A respectable jacket to wear with your business clothes that shows you really are here to ‘get down to business’.

3. Light pops of color, specifically pastels, are definitely in. It’s not just about the typical navy, black, and white for men anymore. It’s possible to incorporate some mint green, lavender and light pink. It provides a subtle change from your more traditional colors without quite overdoing it.

4. A well-tailored brown suit. Yes, you heard us right. Brown is continuing to show up on the streets of D.C. and in no better form than the business suit. Look for it in pin stripes, tweed, and solid colors – all offer a wide range of options.

5. Dress shoes. If done incorrectly, they are sure to distract from the rest of your attire, but when done correctly the perfect dress shoes complete a well put together look. Look for details such as wingtips, leather and brands’ reputations to really find the perfect pair for you.

6. Looking for Ā a girlfriend? Get a bow tie. I have yet to meet a single female who doesn’t take a second look at a well dressed gentleman who rocks the bow tie. It shows you’re business-like, confident and have a good sense of humor. With a variety of options like your typical tie, it’s the perfect way to mix things up! Here are some bow ties we pulled from one site to show you all the options you have!

7. A really exquisite watch. Something that shows you’re professional and well-groomed. For men this typically consists of Ā silver, pewter or platinum (it goes with everything and gold typically looks a tad too flashy) with some sundials and is water resistant.

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