The FDR Memorial

By Larissa Wurm

We have seen a number of things while in D.C. – the Lincoln Memorial, the Holocaust Museum, the White House, the Newseum and so much more. One of the monuments that I found particularly intriguing was the FDR Memorial.  

Walking through the four part monument literally felt like you were walking through history. You are surrounded  by a number of quotes and statues representing big moments and events that happened during that term like the Depression, World War II and the New Deal, while also demonstrating the President’s determination and passion for his country.

I don’t know about you, but while I love reading, I also love pictures. Here are just a few from my little adventure.

Fun Fact: I’ve been told that Roosevelt had mentioned that if there was ever to be a memorial dedicated to him, it shouldn’t be any bigger than the size of his desk. While there is a plaque that does exactly that in front of the National Archives, there was also a commission that was created by Congress to make a bigger memorial to properly commemorate FDR and his work. (Read more here.)

To see more pictures and read more about monument itself, click here.

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