The Detail in the Photo

By Katherine Fritcke

They are the moments that affect our lives forever. These moments become everlasting when they are printed for the world to see. While visiting the Newseum today I was looking through the Pulitzer Prize winning photos. There was one that caught my eye, it was a photo I had seen it many times before. The picture was of a woman kneeing down next to a slain classmate in the aftermath of the Kent State shootings on May 4th, 1970. 

I have seen this image in textbooks and in magazines, but there was one part of this picture that I had never noticed before, the word “Slave” on the woman’s shirt.

It was an immediate reaction of curiosity and wonder. Thinking back to all the years of American History classes and looking at this picture in textbooks, how had I never seen that word before? Was I just ignorant? Was I not paying as much attention as I should have?

Am I the only one who has never seen this before? Or is it like how one photo is darker than the other to prevent the word from being seen? Let me know.

Kent State Light Picture [Photo from Google] Kent State Dark Picture [Photo from Google]

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