Deaf in D.C.

By Katherine Fritcke

“We can do everything hearing people can, maybe better.”

These words resounded as the dance group The Wild Zappers, a member of the National Deaf Dance Theater, took the stage. A group of seven deaf dancers, all from the Washington D.C. area,expressed themselves through dance, just as well as any hearing person could.

The bass was higher than normal as unlike hearing dancers they had to count the bass beats rather than the beat count. Unlike the rest of us who can hear the words and easily count the beat, these dancers have to know the beat… physically.

It was an amazing sight to see, an inspiration. It also helped that my cousin was a member of the dance troop. Without her, I don’t think the group that attended would have ever had this experience.

When we think back to all the times we have doubted ourselves and put limitations on what we can do, we can now say to ourselves, “If a deaf person can gracefully dance across the stage, I can surely do whatever I set my mind to.”

The Wild Zappers [Photo by Noelle Smith]

The Wild Zappers [Photo by Noelle Smith]

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