Can’t go to the Inauguration?

By Kayla Day

Are you stuck at home the day of the inauguration? Do you wish you could be there? Have no fear because you can watch it from the safety of your couch or computer desk! While doing some research for our viewers not in D.C., I stumbled upon a great list provided by CNET. They document what news outlets like the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee, Wall Street JournalCBSNBCC-SPANFox NewsABC News, and Yahoo News will be doing as a way to cover the many inaugural events. Check out the full list by CNET here for a detailed explanation about how the media will bring the 2013 Inauguration to your home.

No matter what sort of media outlet you use to view the inauguration from home or work, I would highly recommend tuning in for part, if not all, of Monday’s festivities.

– Kayla

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