2016 Prep On Day 1

By Josh Schoenblatt

The 2012 election was a difficult race. Attack adds filled our commercials and name calling was a daily event. It felt like we knew more negative facts about the two candidates at the end of the day than we knew of positive facts. Then election day came and we thought it was all over for another year or two. I am sorry to inform you that this may not be the case.

Iowa likes to be different. They are the first in the nation to hold a caucus, and they may now be the first to give of a glimpse into the future. At the Iowa State Society Inaugural Ball was a (possible) preliminary launching point for the 2016 presidential election.

During the Iowa State Society Inaugural Ball two non-Iowans spoke before the festivities, networking and enjoyment began. The first speaker was Vice President Joe Biden. His speech made it quiet obvious that he has 2016 on his mind. The other important speaker at the ball was Governor Martin O’Malley. Governor O’Malley of Maryland is a bit of an unknown, however, he has made many stops to Iowa over the past few years. All of which hint that 2016 is a possibility for him as well. Click here, here, or here for more information on these two mens futures.

Vice President Biden ran in 2008 for the precidency as well as has  left many hints that he wants the job. It will be interesting to see what words and actions comes out of him in the next few weeks and years. If Vice President Biden really wants sit in the big chair, he will need to make more power play actions and get in the spotlight for good reasons. Here are a few of the bad reasons.

To my knowledge Governor O’Malley has not hinted at in the past about the big house on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW. However he has finished some of the “requirements” for Iowans to get to know him. We will hear more from this politician in the future.

Everyone thought that the presidential election cycle was finally over. But it seems that the cycle has just begun again. May the force and fewer ads be with us.

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