The Power of a Sweatshirt

By Lauren Ehrler

The packing list for this trip included warm clothes, comfortable walking shoes, and among other things — Drake gear.

Our Drake blue was out in full force today as we participated in the National Day of Service, visited the Archives, and had free time to venture around on the National Mall. But, those Drake tees and sweatshirts not only bind us to each other but have helped us make connections with others throughout our time in D.C.

#DrakeInDC. Photo by Lucas Baker.

#DrakeInDC. Photo by Lucas Baker.

Just today, a teacher from Iowa recognized our bulldog apparel and approached us on the street. Secretary of Agriculture and former Iowa governor Tom Vilsack posed for a photo op with us. And our sea of blue got a shout-out during our service event.

Even when we weren’t sporting our Drake gear, bulldog pride was evident in the capital city, from a Drake pennant displayed proudly in a staffer’s cubicle in Sen. Chuck Grassley’s congressional office to all of the Drake alumni who have graciously helped us during our time in D.C.

Many people we meet in D.C. may not know where Drake University is or recognize the bulldog on our shirts, but this trip has been an illustration that the “Drake connection” truly does exist — even beyond the confines of Forest and University avenues.

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