Starstruck in D.C.

By Josh Schoenblatt

Writing blogs can be a blessing and a curse. They are the a perfect way to embrace your First Amendment right and tell the world your thoughts. It truly is a great way to feel free, and voice your opinions.

However, there is one fundamental problem that all bloggers face…Building an audience.

An infrastructure is awesome, but if no one is there to fill it, the purpose is defeated.

An infrastructure is awesome, but if no one is there to fill it, the purpose is defeated.

I am new to blogging, and building an audience was one of my fears. I have no problems writing a journal or writing a paper for a class. In each of these, I have a defined audience (myself and my professor). Whereas a blog has an unknown audience. For all I know the whole world may be reading our posts; I can only dream of this. Reality has a different theory; one in which very few people will read the posts unless the bloggers go out an publicize the blog.

So what are a group of college students with a blog to do?

Tell our parents? Post the web address on random coffee shop chalk boards? Create and distribute posters with our information? Beg for readers on the side of the street?

Yes, we are serious with these ideas -except for begging-  And we also had a better idea, to use social media! Everyone in the class has posted links on to their Facebook pages and Twitter pages to get a few more of their friends for the audience.

This is a great idea, but it is a limited resource. Unless we all go on a friend requesting conquest, this well will dry up. Then an amazing thing happened, Emily Grimm had the idea to tweet our web address and hash tag to major news organizations and politicians asking for them to retweet it.


Well, sort of…

So we tried and waited. And tried and waited. And tried and waited. Until yesterday something unexpected happened. The Washington Post Inauguration Twitter feed reposted our web address! Our firsts repost from a group other than our own. It seemed like things would be looking up.

Then again, something unexpected happened. An America host of the television show American Top Gear replied to our tweet.

Someone with many followers replied!

Someone with many followers replied!

It was what I believe to be our first steps towards growing beyond the limited following we had. With every step we take, we have been pushing our limits to write the best blogs to get the most readers; and it has been successful. Now we are taking the next steps to expand our audience and the future looks bright!

So as you read this, tweet about it. Facebook it. Or tweet it to your favorite famous person, because you never know when they may tweet back at you.

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