Conquering D.C. One Cupcake at a Time

By Jen Pacini and Lauren Strickfaden

The typical tourist would spend the majority of their money on souvenirs and inauguration memorabilia. The typical Drake student, however, has proven to spend the most money on cupcakes.

In D.C., you can find both a Starbucks and a cupcake shop on every corner. We have frequented both and now consider ourselves expert cupcake tasters.

We have stuffed ourselves with multiple cupcakes for the benefit of our readers and after careful analysis made the following reviews.


Our first cupcake adventure to Red Velvet. (Photo taken from: Emily WIlson)

Red Velvet Cupcakery
This is a very small shop located on 7th Street Northwest next to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment (fitting, huh?). It’s impossible to miss the large cupcake mural when you walk in, and all cupcakes are on display as you turn the corner. Be sure to make it in early, though, because many of the most popular flavors will be gone by the end of the day.
Favorite flavors: Southern Belle (Red Velvet), Cookies and Cream
Dietary restrictions: Gluten free, and the Northern Beauty (sugar free Red Velvet)
Price: $3.25

This cupcake shop was tucked away in a corporate business area on 11th Street Northwest. It was also the most interesting, with unique frosting flavors and toppings ranging from pretzels to gummy worms.
Favorite flavors: Milkshake
Dietary restrictions: None
Price: $3.95

Georgetown Cupcake
We had high expectations going in because this shop appears on the show D.C. Cupcakes on TLC. We really enjoyed the large selection of flavors provided and were lucky enough not to have to wait in line in this often-busy area. Not found in any other cupcake shops we visited, there was also paraphernalia available for sale.
Favorite flavors: Red Velvet, Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Toffee (gluten free)
Dietary restrictions: Gluten free
Price: $2.75

Hello Cupcake
Located in Dupont Circle, this cupcake shop provides a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a sweet treat. The staff was limited and unfortunately not very knowledgeable about the flavors. The cupcakes were good, but we felt there too large of a frosting to cupcake ratio.
Favorite flavors: Chocolate Espresso (both regular and gluten free)
Dietary restrictions: Gluten free, vegan
Price: $3.25


Grabbing a bite at Hello Cupcake! (Photo credit: Guy Eckman)

We made sure to test these cupcakes at any chance we got (once again, for your benefit) and interviewed fellow classmates to ensure accurate results.

And now, the rankings are in…

#1: Georgetown Cupcakes – This shop is definitely worth the 5-block walk from the metro, and with the largest flavor selection and cheapest prices, you won’t walk away disappointed.

#2: Red Velvet Cupcakery – This shop is one quick block from the metro and is never crowded, so it’s easy to stop in for a quick bite.

Crumbs and Hello Cupcake both receive honorable mention, however they did not live up to the standards of Georgetown Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcakery.

Unfortunately, we did not have enough time to visit the many other cupcake shops of D.C. but have heard that both Baked and Wired and Sprinkles are also delicious, and we recommend you stop in.

Happy tasting!

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