Inauguration Antici…pation

By Katherine Fritcke

The official Inauguration countdown has begun as more tourists arrive in D.C. With only three days remaining before Obama takes office for his second term he released this video to remind us of the past four years and to set us up for the future.

There are 4 major points in this video that really stand out, including:

1. President Obama, because he will be sworn in twice, will use two bibles. One that once belonged to our 16th president Abraham Lincoln. The second being previously owned by Martin Luther King Jr.

2. Number 1 is significant because this inauguration will fall on two very important anniversaries regarding the men above: The 150th anniversary Emancipation Proclamation and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington.

3. Obama really pushed the effort to partake in his Day of Service. He wanted to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As he said, this was a family tradition that he is extending to the country. He is asking us to participate in this day has allowed us not only to come together as a country, but to come together as a family who wants to help one another.

4. This quote:

It reminds us of the role that we have as fellow citizens promoting a common good, as well as making sure that we are carrying out our individual responsibilities.

The Inauguration is not only a re-start button for the President, but for the country to start believing in itself again.

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